Bangladesh Premier League T20
The fourth edition of the Bangladesh Premier League is going to take place in this coming November; BCB Media Committee chairman Jalal Yunus informed about the matter.
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‘Icon’s turns into ‘A plus’ with increased payment in BPL 4

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‘Icon’s turns into ‘A plus’ with increased payment in BPL 4 Empty ‘Icon’s turns into ‘A plus’ with increased payment in BPL 4

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 25, 2016 3:50 am

The meeting of the BPL Governing Body incurred some changes for the fourth season of the Bangladesh Premier League. According to the recent regulations, there will be no ‘icon’ cricketer in any team in the upcoming season of BPL.

‘Icon’s turns into ‘A plus’ with increased payment in BPL 4 BPL-4

‘Icon’ players had been selected from the very first season of BPL where star performers of the national team were taken to represent each franchise. BCB Media Committee Chairman Jalal Yunus said in this regard, “Actually seven icon cricketers are not available any time. We can find a maximum number of five icon players. ‘Icon’ cricketers are to be taken to popularize the tournament like Indian Premier League where cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were selected to be icons in franchise teams.”

The remodeled system transfigured icon cricketers as ‘A plus’ category cricketer; meanwhile the ‘A plus’ category cricketers will also receive increased amount of financial benefits from their respective franchise teams. BCB has also decided to minimize the pecuniary interest between foreign and local cricketers after much controversies during BPL season – 3 where foreign cricketers received higher payment than ‘icon’ cricketers.

During season – 3 of the Bangladesh Premier League, the payment of a foreign cricketer stood from highest 70$ to minimum 30$. Whereas the ‘icon’ cricketers received 35 lac Bangladesh Standard Currency. The monetary terms for other ranges are – ‘A’ category – 28 lac Taka, ‘B’ category – 22 lac Taka and ‘C’ category – 15 lac Taka.

Franchise teams will also get opportunity to stick to their previous choices up to two players from each category.


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